Ouch. I blew up the USB Client SP - Custom Server/Wireless Access Point

I wonder if the Raptor Module I have is toast. I just fried the USB client module with my custom usb motherboard header to usb mini b plug. Ouch… heheh

I just a mini b and the color code was right so i just assumed the pinouts were the wire colors based on the standard. Nope! hahha… It still smells in the room. The smoke got let out real good!

Anyways, I made a video of what I am making. Hope you like it.

Think Firewall, Router, etc. I will have it in my home and if I had a business one there too.

Anyways it’s a neat idea. I think…

Here’s the vid… (unfortunately not of me letting the smoke out!)


ServeRaptor ?

FEZ Raptor
N18 Display
Tunes Module
RFID Module
Joystick Module
Relay Module

Mini ITX case
Intel Core i7 U620 1.08Ghz CPU (2 Ghz Turbo)
4GB Ram
500GB Segate Momentus Drive
mSATA Slot Available
Wireless N 150mbs Adapter capable of AP mode in Linux

RIP SP Client… lol

that’s a pretty fair effort there ! :slight_smile:

If you can get SMD Tantalum capacitors, just replace the ones on the board and it should work again. Chances are the regulator is OK. Schematic has the value of the caps.

If you remove the caps for a start and connect the board to power and with no load on the output, you can check if the regulator is still working.

Cool project by the way. It’s fun when it all comes together and works.

HAHHA you would not believe how much stuff is crammed in that case. Plus, I didn’t have good ways of mounting the gadgeteer stuff, so I just put tape around it so it would be non-conductive and set it in the case. We’ll see how well that works!

Neat. What will the display & joystick be used for?

Well I envision the system being a home office server. So it would do the classic routing, wireless, etc. But I also got other plans.

The display and joystick would be used to configure and troubleshoot the device from the little display.

Functions like changing the wireless name and password, rebooting, etc… would be accessible from the display to make life easier.