OTA update for winc1500?

Is there any advice or rules for the OTA update for the winc1500 wifi chips? I’m pretty sure we bricked one, but I’m not sure how it happened. Are there are any instructions for this? There should be more info other than:
" ```
//Download and install firmware from an OTA download (web) server:
// Must upload firmware file to root folder in server
// (e.g.
bool success = Winc15x0Interface.FirmwareUpdate(string url, int timeout);

We found this:
Is this what we need?

File is found on a server then the module loads it OTA. There isn’t much more to it. What else do you need?

I am curious why didn’t you just buy modules preloaded with the correct version.

We bought some Wi-Fi modules back in the summer, prior to knowing the firmware version would be an issue. I bought some yesterday with a more compatible version. We have several ghi products with the Wi-Fi chips that came loaded with different firmware other than what is listed as compatible.

I was hoping there would be more documentation to go with the language. There’s no language reference and no comments in the driver files to cover the native functions or any other functions. The tutorials are the only source of info.

OTA if completely handled by the module and the drivers are provided by microchip. All we know is what we have documented.

Regardless, we are here ready to help.

19.5.4xxx is the one we are using which is recommended, I think your link is correct.
19.6.1xxx also compatible but look like not much used.

As we know those are two latest.

(19.5.4xxx MD5: 4C358C77A2A6F0395AE4FECE216218EA)