OT Grid system

If you had a virtual 3D grid for mechanical (such as frames, components, motor mounts, etc) Would you rather see a mod 1cm grid or 1" grid (e.g. mod .25"). tia

What is the OT stand for?

Can we have something like universal grid system that we can accommodate to both East & West measure system?
The components, mounting system, etc. are produced from various part of of the world!!


OT = Off Topic.


How about making it configurable? Are you making an editor of some sort?

Thanks Architect! :smiley:

At this point, it is just a thought experiment. It occurs to me, that there is really nothing between legos and 80/20 (the industrial erector set) for making frames, robots, arms, prototypes, etc. Once you get passed legos and erector set parts, your pretty much in DIY world. It seems there is a need for a mini-80/20 style system. Where all the parts (i.e. beams, corners, pivots, brackets, etc) are designed around a 3d grid on 1" centers. So regarless what you create everything will eventually connect. You can then apply the grid to all sensors and component housings for mechanical plug-in-play. I don’t know what the market is currently, but would seem that could be a growth area. I am guessing metric grid if you had to pick one.

Have you looked at vex?