OSD3358 TH Board and GHI Ethernet J11D Module, connection possible?

I’m just looking if it is possible to connect the GHI Ethernet J11D Module to the OSD3358 TH Board. Is this possible, and if yes, which pins have to be connected?

@ RoSchmi - It’s possible. When you figure it out please let us know :slight_smile:

I suppose that I have to connect for transmitting TXD0 and TXD1 with TD+ and TD-, for receiving RXD0 and RXD1 with RD+ and RD- (but I don’t know for example TXD0 with TD+ or TD-). And I don’t know whether the needed 50 Ohm resistors are already there on the OSD3358 TH board.

Check the schematic for the development board. It is the reference design, and will answer your questions.

@ Mike - thanks Mike, I already did, but it is not yet clear to me as the labelling is different. But it seems that I have to solder 4 resistors of 50 Ohm from the signal lines to 3,3 V as they seem to be not there.

Can someone from GHI give an advice if this wiring has a chance to work

@ RoSchmi - to me, it looks like there is an Ethernet chip on the development board.

@ Mike - yes, I think you are right, then it is not so easy to add an Ethernet socket as it was with a Spider or Spider II Mainboard. I think I give up and use WLAN over the USB WiFi Dongle. :frowning:

@ RoSchmi - You can also use an USB to ethernet dongle.

@ Mr. John Smith - yes, I’ll give it a try. Did you personally get it working with a special USB Ethernet dongle?

@ RoSchmi - I’ll go buy one and try it out.

@ Mr. John Smith - WiFi works fine now with an USB WiFi Dongle LB-Link BL-LW05-5R2. Got Mono installed with the valuable advices of @ mcalsyn. Btw: Do you know something about him?

@ RoSchmi - I don’t, he’s practically disappeared.

Very good idea. Got an Apple USB Ethernet Adapter, worked “Plug and Play”.


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