OS in FEZ Panda 2

i need info about the possibility of kernel and OS that can be put inside the FEZ Panda ii and how to do it, all i know the FEZ panda is ARM7. so it has to be a way to put kernel and OS (or maybe i missed sometin’ about the kernel CMIIW). cause i’m imagining multitasking with this FEZ panda ii.

i’m sorry if there is a similar topic about this thing. maybe you just can give me the links.


You need to be more clear about what you mean by kernel and OS. FEZ Panda like all other boards runs .NET Micro Framework which is a OS and application runtime in one.

i’m talking about the possibility of multitasking here.
i’m talking about how to put 2-3 application (for example: browser, sensor reading, and blinkin’ led at the same time) just like our android (you can browse and listen to the music at the same time right?)

isn’t it, NMF is just a framework? (CMIIW)

The .NET Micro Framework is a platform. It runs directly on the core without underlying OS. It supports multi-threading, so you can read sensors and blink LEDs and host webpages while drawing an image on the screen.

Beware that you’re talking about a device that runs at 72MHz here, so forget about browsing and listening to music like you would on an “1GHz dual core with graphics engine” tablet :slight_smile:

NETMF = kernel + file system + memory management + TCP/IP + CLR + …

i get it now…but how can i write it down in the c#? it’s like having two methods “main()” then. is it possible?
:think: maybe i’m too amature on c# :wall: , is there any sample source code to make it happen?

for instance (this is imaginary…) :
i wait for the interrupt on my temperature sensor (for activation or something)
and then at the same time i’d like to draw (which is there is no connection at all to the sensor application)
aren’t these thread running on the separate method? while the “main()” method only read the script line by line and stuck in one method (either from same class or other class) until it return?

forgive me for being dumb. :wall:

Yeah you can do all that. I suggest you start somewhere and build on. Maybe the getting started ebook and then the tutorials on the support page.

The beginners guide is found here:

Information about threading starts at the bottom of page 22. If you have some simple programming experience, and use the guide, it shouldn’t take you more than a day to have multiple threads running on a FEZ Panda II.

A main() function is the entry-point of an application.

In fact, you can only run 1 application on a NETMF device, just like you would on any other microcontroller.

But NETMF supports threading, so you can start multiple threads that all do something different. And each thread has his own thread method that it executes. One you ‘return’ from that method, the thread is terminated.

thanks guys…sorry for the lack of knowledge. really appreciate it