Order Processing

I’ve had an order in for 31 days now. I’m not sure what’s going on with it. On GHI’s site it says it’s waiting for PayPal authorization, but on PayPal I don’t even show any requests or pending payments. Do I reissue the request? Throw it to a credit card? Poke it with a stick?

Obviously the last was a joke. I know I could contact GHI direct but I thought it might be good to put on the forum just in case there’s a site issue integrating w/ PayPal.

It’s not PayPal, something you ordered is on backorder. I’ll email you in the morning when I get in or if I fire up the laptop later.

Actually your order includes a secret product that will ship very soon… Let us tease everyone, why not :stuck_out_tongue:

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all this teasing … we are getting a little hardened … a little immune … very soon we will ignore the teasing … shrug shoulders and say “whatever” or “huh huh” :slight_smile:

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@ Rajesh - Every time I turn on the laptop there you are giving us a hard time! I have something very special for your order! :whistle:

@ Gary

No worries, I will first slip it into the BBQ … :smiley:

@ Rajesh - There’s no fun in that! :open_mouth:

Ah, yes. The super secret. I should have remembered that. I’ve been too busy for my brain to work. :whistle: