Orange Pi 2G-IOT Cortex A5 Based Board Wifi,Bluetooth,GSM/GPRS/EDGE for ~13$ with shipping

I wonder if this device will be able to run mono or .net core ?

They also offer another interesting board for 25$, as they claim with the support of Windows 10 IoT.

More about Windows 10 IoT on Orange Pi Win

20-40 day shipping and a constantly churning product line - might be ok for a one-off hobby effort, but not much else. Other boards are pricier, but come with less frustration in the form of shipping delays, weak community support and dicey software support.


Ubuntu arm32 on supported list.

I fixed the title for cnx-software article about Orange Pi Win and there is details about Windows 10 IoT support.

As i know there is already some builds of arm 32 for coreclr. But I’m not sure if that possible to compile or execute on A5 cortex.

I think they made hardware compatible wtih pine64 or banana pi.

In the past i ordered board from them, and with EMS shipping was delivered in 4 days. But now in EU you can buy their boards from local distribututors. I can confirm that i had problems with their boards, but problems is more related to confusing setup process, not hardware or software. Latest boards is more friendly to setup and run.

@ Slawek, but you’re talking onesies and twosies. In a commercial venture you need rock solid version control, be able to buy tens or hundreds of them over time without problem. The point is that this “manufacturer” is doing a lot of cool hobbyist stuff, but have not shown they’re in this for the long game by bringing strong, stable software and hardware together that would make this enticing for more than those people who are happy to have unique projects and no standardisation

As i said, they claimed, not me. Here is link on their forum, You can ask them directly.

@ Brett - I think you have a bit misinformation. I’m not sure who is now behind xunlong company, but at beginning that company was related to the Allwinner. On aliexpress is just their retail store and i’m sure they can produce decent amount of the hardware. Now they in partnership with Canonical and member of Linaro organization. I don’t why you see the problem with their solutions, but they providing decent support, wide range of operating systems, and they have strong community with about 3-4 forums and on facebook group with about 5k active members. By the way, the Orange Pi IofT board is part of linaro ioft lite platform.

Here is the page about that company on linaro site.

Stay away from orange pi stuff. Fake specs, over voltage, over clocking, over heating, no drivers, no support, not worth anyone’s time. Overfocus on price.


I got this board yesterday. Nano Pi M3 from FriendlyArm and it runs Debian or Android. Other OS options available but only those 2 supported by the manufacturer and complete with source if you want to roll your own.

You do need the heatsink option but when this is used and the board running it’s not too hot.

The 4.3" LCD is rather nice for the price.


Tell me how much effort it was to get Android onto it, I’d be interested to see how much work that would be - and you’re right, that’s a cheap display option!

$14 Dollars is a nice price.

Just download the image from their website and use an image writer to stick it on a micro SD, plug it in and off you go. As simple as that.

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Well that escalated quickly. It’s on it’s way, along with a few odds and sods from their site. New AC controller, here I come.

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Just for reference, can you clarify with what board you had that much problems ?

Ha ha. No will power huh? :whistle:

What other bits did you also purchase?

Damn you. I just ordered a second one with the camera. My first unit will go to my client so I need another one to build a door camera that will recognise people at the door and announce who they are. I’ll use Android for this.

ha, blame me why don’t you ! :slight_smile: It’s clear our joined Scottish ancestry (yours much closer than my “machine breaker, deport him” ones) has been tainted by our geekiness.

my order just had a BMP180 and RTC modules (probably not destined for this) as well as the cooler, printed housing, sandisk card, USB to TTL for serial debug, T cobbler, and 4.3" display. That’s “all” :slight_smile:

I ordered the case, T-cobbler, heatsink and fan (it really does need that as a minimum) and the camera module. Came to 99.96 so just 4 cents under the $100 customs limit :slight_smile:

I have heaps of 16GB cards here as I use loads of them for each project.

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