I was just poking around the forums when I found this

It was posted a month ago, What is this -O3 optimisations he is talking about? It was something with spi (I THINK) and getting a higher clock rate.

Link the forum thread.


He’s talking about Native compiling (RLP) and the C compiler options.

Are you talking about optimising or optimizing?

“optimising” gives me a red squiggly line underneath. It doesn’t seem to be spelled correctly.


Both are allowed. The z version is American English.

If you use the builtin SPI functions, then you can do no extra optimization from your side there.
If you use RLP (which is a C code Expansion to NETMF from GHI) and use bare bit banging, then turning on the correct optimizing Options for the C Compiler is impartant.
But using the builtion SPI functions is most likely always the way to get the Maximum clock rate.