OpenCV use cases

We’re curious how you would use OpenCV and AI with Endpoint?

I myself wound use it to create ‘Deep Fakes’…:wink:

But seriously, what would you do?


We have a lot of trouble with feral cats in the neighborhood and the gifts they leave on our artificial turf. First world problem, for sure, but still… We complained to the local council, and they put out a cat feeder. Now the cats are happier but us … not so much.

Endpoint OpenCV application: Identify cat-like shapes, aim hose nozzle using pan-tilt-zoom fixture, release water spray. Result: Humane deterrent and possible youtube fame. Only thing I am short is another 10 working hours per day.

And yes, we’ve tried ultrasonic deterrents (which do partially work) and every natural deterrent we can find, so an over-complicated solution like this may be just the escalation we need.


Here in New Jersey we have a deer problem. One effective deterrent is coyote urine. Perhaps a little predetor urine would help your issue.