Open voting for the PC-connected device

Continuing on you naming the next product you can now vote for the name. Below, each post has one name. Click the +1 on the name(s) you like.

Additional names added in replies do not count, only these you see on this very page, not next page :slight_smile:

FEZ Kraken Kraken - Wikipedia


FEZ Interlink

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FEZ Link


FEZ Nexus


FEZ Gadgeteer Link


FEZ CGI (Connected Gadgeteer Interface)

FEZ Overboard

FEZ Crosser

FEZ Wire


Looks like it is going to be either

FEZ Gadgeteer Link
FEZ Nexus

The first one is clearer but the name is very long. Maybe drop FEZ from the name but then it is not freakin’ easy anymore :slight_smile:

The board is finished layout and we need ot give it a name before manufacturing it. Keep those +1 coming on the 2 names above.

Can you show a picture of this board?

You know how I love teasing :slight_smile:

I’d be worried about the latter in terms of potential trademark issues.

FEZ Gadgeteer Link is a winner. But what if we shorten it to FEZ GadgetLink?

How about just FEZ Link? Using Gadgeteer seems a bit redundant since the hardware will obviously be that… on the flip side, it would be nice to have something in the name that indicates what platform it is for.


FEZ InterLink ®

Edit - guess i should have read the first page :whistle:

Should have voted for it then! :wink:

Ok guys, let us try this one last time on this new voting