Open Thank You

Skewworks started as a fun side project for myself. I created code that I found useful to myself and shared it hoping that someone else might find it useful as well. To date I’ve received nearly a hundred emails containing thanks or suggestions, and thousands of dollars in contributions.

I’d like to take this moment to thank everyone in the community for their feedback and support. As I continue forward I will do my best to continue to offer free and commercial software that is worthy of the support I have been given.

I’d like to extend a personal thanks to GHI, Architect, Jdal, and everyone else that has been so instrumental in keeping things going with their supportive emails and posts.

This is the best community I have ever had the privilege of working with.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all once again. Keep up the great work!

Thom Holtquist

You have been nothing but an amazing member in the netmf world and this community. We should be the ones thanking you. So yes thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you Thomas!

Quite welcome. was a great pleasure working with you on it.