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Open a in Express ceated project in Ultimate fails


Please see my reply to Jeff in this topic:

Google brings al lot of suggestions, but nothing on the first three pages is of any use.
Suggestions are welcom.
Also creating a new project for Domino fails with “procect file … cannot be opened”
"the project type is not supported by this installation.

Projects are created in VS Express 2010, test run is for VS Ultimate 2010 with SP1 intalled.
I’m running W7-64bit.

Cu Wim.


SP1 isn’t supported for the netmf. Can you try without SP1? (not expected to be an issue, but not supported yet)

Also, I suspect, that the netmf SDK has to be installed again now you have a new VS environment; and then GHI SDK. Did you do that, or just install VS?


Of course I reinstalled the whole package again.
After (too) many year of MS we are used to “try to reinstall MS product xxx” ::slight_smile:

SP1 gives me no problems in VS Express 2010.
I just want to try the “Attach to process” (not available in Express) option to debug a running application on the Domino.

Anyway thanks for your response Brett.