OneWire X1


I am looking for OneWire X1 module, but I can see, this gadgeteer is discontinued. :frowning: Could you tell me why? How can I manage future projects that includes oneWire devices without X1 interface?
Can I use oneWire X1 module in NETMF 4.3 somehow?

My other question regarding onewire is the following. I have installed the latest GHI 4.3 Package and started a new project. Added all the required references OneWire Class (Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware) | Microsoft Learn
but I can not access OneWire… The MSDN api says there is but I can not find it.

Looking forward your reply. Thank you!

  1. You can contact GHI and ask if there are any OneWire X1 modules left.
  2. You can ask GHI to manufacture those models for you (I believe your order will need to be at least 100 units).
  3. You can manufacture that module yourself (schematics are available) - that module is not very hard.
    Of course there are some other options, but I guess those are the main ones.

To get OneWire X1 module working within 4.3, you need to install Legacy driver pack:

Just use the breakout like Andre suggested. The software will work the same.

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Dear Everyone!

Thank you for your helpful reply!
Regarding the breakout I only have to attach 4.7k resistor and the result is X1 interface?

Thank you guys!

kind of. Attaching the pull-up resistor will certainly mean it behaves like the one-wire module does. You just need to use the pull-up resistor between the onewire data pin and the 3v3 line, and connect the other two pins of the onewire chip to 3v3 and GND. You can see the schematic


Dear Brett,

Thank you for your detailed answer. Now even if the X1 is discontinued good to know there is a workaround.

All the best, and thanks all of you.