OneWire Write + Display T43 Behaviour


I have a very strange experience with OneWire.Write operation and Display T43 module. If and only if the T43.B socket is connected to the Raptor.17 socket I can not execute the Copy Scratchpad command in the DS28EC20 successfully.

I am using OneWireX1 module for communication.

I have tested 2 OneWireX1 modules and many Maxim memory.

Or is there any way to switch of the T43? If it is can you tell me how? I would switch off the display before executing the Copy Scratchpad and than switch on it.

Any idea?

Well, the solution is simple.

displayT43.BacklightEnabled = false;

// Do one Wire memory operation - Copy Scratchpad and his friends

 displayT43.BacklightEnabled = true;

I hope this helps for anyone!