OneWire system using multi sensor DS18B20

I am a newbie and looking for a working example on the OneWire system using multi DS18B20 (or DS2480B). I found such a project written by “yngndrw” at it appeared to have all I needed, however I got some errors.

The first error had to do with the project’s output as shown in the first image.
I fixed that by selecting a single start up project as shown in the second image.
Then I got the third error! :frowning: (image 3) I tried hard to fix the issue but couldn’t.

Can some one help please?

Thank you.

I always make a new project then only copy the code I need

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What mainboard are you using?

I am using a Spider. I’ll create a new project and try it.
For the sake of spreading knowledge and learning, I hope that experienced contributors would submit fully working projects whenever possible.

All submitted projects are complete but not everyone has the same SD and same setup.

@ TJag, the other thing is that SDK versions get updated, and projects target different hardware platforms. Nobody is likely to go back and update their project for a later version of the firmware, so creating a shell program yourself and then copying in the relevant code snippet is actually a good thing from an SDK perspective, and gets around the hardware types issue too.

SD Should be SDK in my post.

Thank you all for your advice, I appreciate your replies. I’ll do as you recommended. I really would like to get this working.