OneWire on Cerberus with IO60P16 in 4.2

I’ve spent the past 5 or so hours trying to get my new Cerberus working with the Dallas DS1820 Temp sensor. All the tutorials seem to not apply to the Cerberus (from what I can tell). I can’t seem to find the OneWire class anywhere. From what I’ve been reading, GHI was working on it in the 4.2, and 4.2 is out, but is oneWire not supported yet?

The examples are probably using the GHI Premium 4.1 library. The 4.2 stuff, I personally can’t comment on (legacy devices still running 4.1) but if you look at the 4.2 API reference API Reference for .NET Micro Framework | Microsoft Learn you might locate the OneWire specific refs (I couldn’t easily spot them)

Check out Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.OneWire.dll. I have a test app I built a while back for this sensor on 4.2 located here:

Don’t think this is going to work with the IO60P16 driver though w/o some customization.

Doesn’t seem to have made the documentation for 4.2 - so you’ll have to explore Ian’s sample or the DLL in VS. I notice it is however documented in 4.3 at OneWire Class (Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware) | Microsoft Learn - that might also give you some leads, but I think the 4.3 update transforms some of the method names as per some of the feedback on codeplex, that means you’re probably not much better off

Thank you all for the input. I guess I’ll just have to spend a few more hours researching. I am spoiled by the ease with which programming the GHI products are implemented. Figured there was an easy way to get the temp sensor working.

Did you check out my sample app? It actually is very easy to get it working.

I am looking at it now. I have to order an extender. Should have just done that to begin with. I knew I’d need the breakouts. I have the IO60P16, however. I might be able to get it to work with that.

Thank you a TON. You’ve helped me very much, all of you.

It is EXTREMELY unlikely to get onewire running via a IO60P16.

The required timing needs to be very precise and doing that via I2C and a port expander will be near impossible to completely impossible.

@ Detroit.Mustang : you finally succedeed in onewire via the IO60P16 extender ?? i’m interested if you have on working sample.

I have 18 credit hours at a Technological University this semester. I haven’t even had time to shower. I do, desperately need to get this IO60P16 working though. I’ve soldered a crystal to my Hydra, so RTC is working. It’s just a matter of getting the module working now to control the PWM dimmers.

I also have an app in development for the Windows store, so that’s taking a lot of my time.

OneWire will never work through the IO60P16 module as one wire requires a very tight timing. Not only needs to be done on the processor itself and it has to be native and very time critical.

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