One wire in EMX and ChipworkX


Can someone provide information where I can find some hints how to use 1-wire devices with EMX and ChipworkX (how to connect - which pin and how to use in code)?


hi KJW, welcome to the forum

The approach for one-wire is (potentially) different for those two platforms. in 4.1 framework, the one-wire code was a GHI exclusive, and so was a part of the GHI firmware only. In 4.2 that was incorporated into the netmf, so is not in the same DLLs.

Now as I understand it, ChipworkX is only capable of running a 4.1 framework, so you can only use the GHI calls. The EMX on the other hand can run 4.2 framework and leverage the netmf calls.

Here’s the simplest reference for the one-wire in 4.2.

That should get you started on code for the 4.2 EMX platform (assuming you’re using the 4.2 firmware for that). The GHI references for 4.1 are

From a wiring perspective, any pin is capable of being the data pin. You might need to tell us about your OW device to help with any other wiring guidance - there are some tricks with some devices to use parasitic power, so knowing what you want to do and with what will probably be a good first thing to report back on.

here’s a good previous thread about some of this too…

Hi Brett

Thanks for fast reply. In fact I have EM module (so as far as I know also there I can not upgrade to 4.2) . For both of modules I have Development System boards ( and similar for EM).

yes, for EM its the same as ChipworkX, you must stay on 4.1 framework.