One thing leads to another - Gadgeteer Class

We lost a little momentum as I had a project/presentation that ate up a huge chunk of my time for awhile and I lost my excellent Microsoft Store connection Sabrina so we kind of dropped off a bit. I have a new excellent Microsoft contact and did a class last night which was sort of funny as we had 4 people sign up for it, and 6 showed up, but most of them weren’t on the sign up list so had we not had a torrential drown pour all day we likely would have had a full class. So no coding rookies in my class last night, but I had a couple of guys attend that I used to work with years ago in different companies and one of them is now the Enterprise Architect for a mega petroleum company and liked what he saw and has requested a private class for some of his Senior Architects to attend so that will be happening in a couple of weeks. He wanted to have it off site to cut down on interruptions and such and the Microsoft Store has again graciously cleaned off some scheduling for us to make this happen, so it should be fun. Its another local petroleum company that is starting to get their Gadgeteer grove going.

Given summer is coming up with vacations and the two week long drunken animal show called the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth (ie the Calgary Stampede, where I’m pretty sure my brand new to Calgary Microsoft Store contact will discover the full furry that is the Stampede), I’m only going to do private classes of the ‘Hands on Gadgeteer Lab’ and will focus on holding some ‘Gadgeteer and Azure’ classes starting on July 11th. These will be 3 hour advanced classes and again the Microsoft Store and other Microsoft internal groups are being very supportive of this effort, so it should be great (a lot of work but great).

I thought I’d add some color to last night so I wore a Dashiki shirt a friend brought back from Ghana for me. Imagine the day when its not just colored fabrics, but wearable technology with many LED’s etc. Toss in a little light synchronization and who needs drugs anymore as a shirt on its own could be mind altering.

I should mention the Microsoft Store was a really busy place last night and at times it was like our class was like some kind of sporting event as we had tons of people on either side of the class watching what was going on, it was a little surreal at times. I think I need to make up some signage to display what the class is about and how or when they can take it as no doubt there is a lot of interest.


Top shirt :clap:


@ Duke Nukem - Is there a signup yet for the July 11 class?

@ Squeebee - Hopefully in the next day or two the sign-up for the class will be available on the Microsoft Site web site as I sent it to Microsoft this morning (it might take them a while to correct all my grammar etc mistakes and get it into something resembling proper English). I put up the ‘if you want to bring your own stuff’ page up on here

Did a test build of the project and the Azure stuff today and I think we are looking good, apparently I still know Azure as its been 2 weeks since I built something on Azure and 2 weeks in Azure time means there could have been 3 major version releases. The speed at which Azure is adding new features and such is incredible.

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