Once-a-second interrupt

I’m thinking of setting the RTC alarm, and feed back on the pin to generate an interrupt once a second. The interrupt routine would set the RTC alarm to the next second. Is there an easier way to have a once-a-sec interrupt that doesn’t require me to loop and compare the time of day?

NETMF has built in timers, see the ebook

This is just one of the methods you could use:

public static void Main()
            Timer t = new Timer(TimerCall, "hello", new TimeSpan(0,0,1), new TimeSpan(0,1,0) );


        // only static because Main() is, this doesn't have to be static.
        public static void TimerCall(Object stateInfo)
            Debug.Print(stateInfo.ToString() + " @ " + DateTime.Now.ToString("hh:mm:ss"));


hello @ 05:24:16
hello @ 05:25:16

Thanks for the example, Mark :slight_smile: