Onboard map

Hi guys

I’m trying to develop a robot that is able to run a defined parcours on his own.
The robot is running on a FEZ Panda II microprocessor.

The following sensors are attached:

  • Compass
  • odometry sensors to mesure the covered distance
  • infrared sensor for distance to pylon

I am trying to use the returned signals to assign the current position of the robot on an onboard map.

Has anyone any experience with this?

Help is much appreciated. ;D

Attached you can find the parcours I am trying to get through.

I am not sire if someone have an exact answer but there are many pieces of code and topics around robotics if you search forum and the code share section.

Welcome to the forum and we look forward to seeing a video of your robot.

tnx for your answer.

I’m not looking for a out of the box solution :wink:

I searched the forum already but I didn’t find anything about this exact matter yet.
Most of the posts are about google geo. But that is not what I’m looking for.

In fact I’m looking for people who tried a similar approach. They might be able to give me some hints about information sources.