On Vacation with Family

What a day flew into Las Vegas did some walking around with over 100 degrees and tomorrow driving to San Francisco / Oakland Bay area to visit my Dad.

What are the other Fathers on here doing for Fathers Day tomorrow?

If my wishes come true, doing some reflow soldering with my new heat gun, or wearing my new tie, whatever I get for Father’s Day…

Just got home from partying with my neighbors. Getting up early to go play golf with my father-in-law & brother-in-laws then eating & drinking the rest of the day. Then I’ll probably come home and try to solder something… Good times.

My son (17yrs) invited me to go to the movies. He bought some tickets for After Earth with will smith and his son.

Family bike ride up ski hill road, Grand Targhee, Wyoming. Kids got there firrst.


@ Patrick - How was the movie?