On the Cerb Bee is DI07 the same as D7

On the Cerb Bee is DI07 the same as D7?

What are you referencing when you are asking? D7 is the label on the board. To what is DI07 referring?

DI07 as in the pin in software

Where is DI07 defined in your software? What resource is it referencing? It probably should be the same but I am uncertain to your reference.

Correction, On the Fez Cerbunio Bee Schematic :


For the Pin Labeled DI07 on the Xbee socket, it is the same as the pin labeled PC4 (D7) on the same schematic sheet

@ Mr. John Smith - The socket isnt wired for CTS and RTS…

@ Mr. John Smith

Bill Gates is correct, that pin is not connected.

@ Mr. John Smith - Easiest way would be to get a xBee adapter https://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/314 and connect it to socket 2 (K)