On our way to the Bay Area

“Insert text here”

@ Gary - So you’ll be there for the entire weekend. If ST Micro is there, can you take pics of their booth too? they are suppose to be releasing some new motor driver ics or something soon.

@ Mr. John Smith - we just landed for the right price I’ll take pics of anything

That picture looks familiar…


“What happens in San Fran, stays in San Fran!”

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@ ianlee74 - I think you mean it stays on the internet.

Aron says “what up party people”

That’s like the Gary of old!

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He is actually laying sideways, I swear it’s not my camera or photo taking skills!


@ Gary - And the people in the background are standing sideways too? What are they demoing, gravity boots?

We are finally headed home after a long weekend being on our feet for hours!

Are you saying that getting up off your butt and doing something is a new experience? :smiley:

Did they limit you to one lunch per day, also?


Seriously Brett?!?!

There wasn’t really lunch just small 5 minute snack times and every time I get off my butt it’s like a new experience.

Hey, I can like other people’s posts if I want ! And if you didn’t want to see who laughed their head off at someone’s post, then don’t put the Like button on the page ! :slight_smile:

I am going to disable YOUR like button!

I wonder what that code would look like

If user = Brett then
end if?

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@ Mr. John Smith -

if user = Brett then
message.display(“Sorry Brett, Big Daddy Gary Has restricted Your Post Liking Permissions!”)
end if


@ BigDaddy @ Smithie - it’s not the 90’s lads…

{'s and =='s

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