First person to guess within 10 minutes of how long it took to print, I’ll send you one. :slight_smile:

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@ Skewworks - 35 minutes

25 minutes

To aide guesses the dimensions are:


The 2 kicks are 2x10x30mm

55 minutes.

An hour & 3 minutes. You are a winner sir. You’ve got my email so send your address and I’ll mail you a case. :slight_smile:

Nice! You need to try a different color now :wink:

I bought 4 pounds of white (they were out of blue, red and black when it shipped); when atleast one of the bs spools is gone I’ll order up other colors.

Sweeeeet. Thanks! I actually did some math there… a quick search said Solidoodle would do 50mm in one second… so on a 50x60 mm board I figured 1 minute per layer.

Then I said screw it and guessed.

I guess I’m going to have to buy an OLED module now… and a mainboard other than the Cerb40.

You can put the OLED on a crrb40 with an extender module; I did. :slight_smile:

All three of my Cerb40s are spoken for… always ready for an excuse to buy something else though. Probably just go Cerberus since I’m used to that.