Older Version of TinyClr

I’m looking for the previous version to 4.2.5 of the TinyClr. I believe it was 4.2.3. Where can I download a copy of the hex file?

@ tbambrough - We do not archive older versions of firmware. However, if you could manage to find an older SDK that is for that version, it would be found in there. For what reason would you need an older version of the Firmware?

I’m trying to test my deployment script. The Cerb that I receive come with 4.2.3 loaded. I’m using MFDeploy to update that to 4.2.5 and then download my application. I would like reset the board back to it’s original condition so that I can test the deploy method.

@ tbambrough - this can be a solution for you to try but this is the only suggestion that I have. Currently, the official SDK on our website has a firmware release. What I can suggest would be for you to back-up your current firmware (Cerb 4.2.5.x) found in the GHI folder to a seperate folder and then install the latest firmware from the current SDK. Therefore, you can have a copy of the 4.2.5.x firmware as well as the current official firmware so you can revert back to 4.2.5.x from

I hope this helps.


I must have forgotten that we started to archive the last SDKs. :-[ My apologies.