Old TinyCLR OS Project System v0.12.0

We are organizing a workshop using cerbuinos and we would like to talk aboud Tinyclr OS … in order to be able to work with them I would need to download the vsix for visual studio version 0.12, I do not know if it is possible to download it from somewhere.
(I don’t know if any link is available)

Thank you very much in advance.

A lot had changed since then. Is it a good idea to use an older release?

Maybe build the latest firmware?

Thanks Gus,
Then I understand that no build is available from GHI to download Cerb firmware version 1.0.0?
I’m not sure how make a new build, can you give some entry point?

@mfDevice I have Cerb firmware 1.0.0 compiled. I’ve not tested myself at the moment, but if you need I can send to you via email.


Thanks @Dobova!

At the end I followed the tutorial to create a new firmware for Cerberus.

The truth is that it is very easy, Only had to dedicate half hour to install everything, but in my case to carry out the workshop I just needed to be able to download it.
The positive thing is that I have learned something more :slight_smile:

If someone needs the build and does not feel like downloading sources and installing compilers, I will gladly share it.


Hi Dobova,
I’m interested to get the Cerb firmware 1.0.0 for TinyCLR.
Can you send it to my email adress franck.thomas.neopost@gmail.com ?
Thanks !