Old style graphical display, ST7920

Anyone still use these displays? Quality sucks and the interface sucks but they are surely easy to see under any light condition.

Controller is ST7920

Hi Gus,
i can assure you that the Hot chick you are seeing is definitely not on that display, and given the fact that your eye glasses are on the desk i can see how you can think the display is great to look at during day light :stuck_out_tongue:
i’m starting to worry about you Gus :grinning:

maybe @Justin can see what you see :rofl:


I actually prefer these OLED displays from Newhaven. They are super readable in daylight. Fast SPI or parallel interface. They are so much better in real life.

The white banding is just the camera not being able to capture it so well.


Is it the same controller? Can you share the code. This code I am using is very messy. I found it on old codeshare

Not sure about “hot” but here is a cut panda!!

“Cut panda” LOL

You know it lol.

This uses the SSD1322 but there are loads of source code for driving them. I am using them with an ESP32 but it should be possible to port the Arduino style driver for it.