Old CodeShare Website

Hi Everyone,
As we are in lockdown in France, I managed to clear my workshop finally.
And counted the Fez Mini (5), Fez Domino (3), Fez Panda || (2), Fez Panda III (3+ another 2 on their way, last stock in the world I guess…), Cerbuino.Net, 1 Connect Shield and 1 Fez Touch.

Unfortunately the codeshare website (codeshare.tinyclr.com) is no more with us (>10 years, I can understand). To my surprise I’ve managed to get the Fez Touch driver somewhere deep down in the Internet archive almost. But the Fez Touch Font Generator (by jasdev.com) is nowhere to be found anymore, just like the 2.3 driver.

Does anyone have them by chance?