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Old Android with mini-usb plug and Fez Lynx - any experience?


Hi there

I have a remote location where power and wifi is sparse, so I was thinking about putting an old Android phone into the game.

Has anyone experience with using the Fez Lynx connected to a phone, and would it bring some critical issues?

Does the provided libraries work in this case?


@ njbuch - The provided libraries do not work on an Android. There is a Java FTDI driver for Android on the other hand. You will need to check to see if your device supports USB Host though. Not all do as Android introduced the software support in 2.2.3. I have a new LG Intuition with 4.0.1 and do not have the option of running USB Host. You will also need to get a compatible USB Host cable for your phone if it does support it.


@ James - thanks :smiley:

Now the lynx story is over it’s not getting easier. But anyone else with Android and connecting external electronics…?


You could use an IOIO board. Like:
Plenty of libraries available. Even for the popular Basic4android (B4A) programming environment.

good luck.


Or the renewed version of the IOIO: