Ok who did this

Who bought out my secret stash? I literally need one for my school if I cant figure out this analog pin bull. I need to power two servos with an Arduino but im using the Cerbuino but NOO someone had to buy it OUT. COMPLETELY.

End rant >:)

You can easily make this with a breadboard and gadgeteer breakout module.

Someone beat me to your secret stash. The guys at DFRobot promised me they would have more near the end of April.

Good news though! There is still one source:


DFRobot has raised the price for their final 37 units.

@ mtylerjr - $3 shipping!!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: Outrageous!


@ mtylerjr - send an message asking if that in stock number is correct before ordering as I suspect it’s incorrect.

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@ Architect - hahaha holycrap that’s funny

Just for you, @ Duke Nukem

Still no answer. …lol
And now they’ve marked it “discontinued” on their website.

I thought you should have checked first as I was told they were out when I tried to order some. I had an email conversation with Ludvera with Lauren and Ricky cc’ed in and was told they would have them in stock again at the end of April and they will let me know so I can let everyone else know (as I mentioned I wasn’t the only person wanting some).

Well now you know why, if they come up with an unexpected delay.

They might set aside some for “the crazy ebay guy who seems to be willing to spend $37,000 on them for a government contract”

… or maybe that will inspire them to maker a bunch more:)

I got this response today in email:


Thanks for enquiry! :slight_smile:

Actually, the Servo Motor Expansion Module(Gadgeteer Compatible) is out of stock and discontinued. We’re sorry that we could not help you with this.

Hope above information will do, have a nice day!

Best regards,


I’m checking to see if that is correct, however this would be an easy module to make so perhaps someone else might jump in and start making it.

OK good news, bad news. Bad news is DFRobot has discontinued this module, so very high suckage factor there. Good news is now someone else can build it and have a ready made customer list.