OK to power CobraIII by USB connection?

Is it OK to power Cobra III from USB port?

Using a Cobra III as a development board for a commercial project with a RS21 WiFi attached.

I ask because I am struggling on getting stability out of the NETMF application being developed and tested. The application works when interactively debugging, but if put it in a test loop, it fails after about an hour (stalls, displays most of a GC output, and stops updating VS). I know the likely suspect is a memory leak.

But this morning I saw a document on the GHI site about powering through-the-hole boards (I know Cobras are not TTH). Since I am only powering my Cobra III with its USB connection and can’t find any guidance on Cobra power I thought I would seek the forum’s council on this.


It’s recommended to always use a quality powered USB hub between your computer and the device.

I’d recommend one of these as part of your dev kit. Great for seeing what your little USB device is drawing.

Another thing to check on is looking for tight loops. Often in debugging mode they don’t show up.

If you use threads, make sure they yield often.