Oh Fez... How I love thee

So, a few minutes ago I thought I would tackle getting my XBee to send data from my robot to my PC… and to my utter Amazement it was beyond easy! Good god I love the fez line.

A right after that I decided to read the GPS and send the values back through the xbee… boom… done… no hastle… it just worked. Next I did the same with the IMU (determine force, direction…) and it took no time at all.

Now of course I need to parse the data from all devices but I can not sing the prases of the Fez enough…

Did I mention I love fez?

Glad you love fez. Welcome to this exciting fez world :slight_smile:

Now that you TOLD the story.
It’s time to SHOW it!(especially the video) :wink:

@ Sam… oh I will my friend…

Great! Looking forward to see it.

+1 Love to see that.

I’m about a day behind you…