Ofuscate my project and deploy

Hello, I’m at a point now were I want to obfuscate my code and deploy but I have some questions, I’m using ConfuserEx which can accept multiple .dlls and obfuscate them but I’m not sure what exactly I should be obfuscating, in my C:xxx\bin\Debug\ folder, I have multiple .dlls, do I just obfuscate all these? Doing this creates a new folder called Confused which contains the obfuscated .dlls, do I next flash my dev board using MF Deploy, I’m new to all this and have been deploying via Visual Studio so I’m not too sure.

Ok, I have 2 folders, be and le, so does .pe files from both these folder get deployed?

If I remember right, someone tried this shortly, and failed, because you can VS creates the .pe files every time before deploying them.

Yep sorry, double post