Office 3D printer

Hi, We’ve just got a Cel Robox at the office (As the result of a hackathon 2nd Place)

I was wondering if anyone recommends 3d modelling software for creating custom prints?


@ jasuk70 - 123D Design is a free software package from Autodesk who also produces AutoCAD. 123D will produce *.stl files which I am assuming your printer will use. There are good videos on YouTube for 123D which will get you going pretty quickly.


@ jasuk70 - Autodesk Inventor.

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If it’s mechanical design and low budget, Geomagic Design is good for the price.

For something free, RS Components as a 3D CAD offer.

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RS Components offering is DesignSpark Mechanical

(DesignSpark started as their free PCB schematic/board tool)


TinkerPlay app available for WP,IOS,Android 3D printer software from Autodesk (FREE)

I really like Designspark Mechanical. Used it to design this

Please let us know what you think to the Robox. It sounds like with the latest version of Automaker it is at last realising its potential.

I have very limited experience with 3D design software. I had a difficult time, with the purely graphical programs, to get exactly what I wanted. I found that I was more comfortable using OpenSCAD. This open source program uses a programming type language, with a graphical view to see the results. A different approach.

@ jasuk70 - No matter what package you get; also get a 3D mouse. It will save your life (frustration).

@ hagster: This is the first 3d printer I’ve experienced. I’ve heard of lots of horror stories in getting them up and running and learning the machines foibles. So far very impressed. The device has everything set up so it seems to work out of the box. (As long as you calibrate it) I’ve been told the heated bed gets around a lot of issues. We have it currently printing a Auduino case that one of my colleges has just bought. Trying to print all the parts in one go has taught us a lesson ;-). One bit at a time and it seems to cope much better. Also baking sure the base is as big as possible.

I was hoping to get company branded coins printed at some point and our logo (A cubed earth) hence looking at the 3d software. Thanks for all the suggestions. When I get a free moment I’ll try them out.

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Failed attempt to print the case. Just after this it knocked the case over and spewed spaghetti everywhere :wink:

@ jasuk70 - OK, as someone who hasn’t done much with 3D printers, I just have to ask…why did you print it on end, rather than flat on the large side.

@ devhammer - yeah I would have done it flat too

That was the third attempt, flat on the large side was the first way of trying to do it but that went wrong too. It got the farthest like that.

@ jasuk70 - Welcome to the wonderful world of 3D printing. :wink:

This would be why I don’t own a 3D printer yet…not prepared to spend what they cost for the privilege of being aggravated when a print goes wrong 80% of the way in.

I’m learning as I go along :-). Going to print the tool holder tomorrow and then re-visit the case next week :). Pleasantly surprised at the cost of the filament though. It was a lot cheaper then I was expecting. £25/reel

Here is a little know fact about this style of printer you have there Jasuk70. The build platform itself moves back and forth. This causes the object being fabricated to shift slightly while printing. If its weak it could fall over or get stuck on the print head. Keep that in mind when designing stuff to build. Now you say it worked best like this; so that’s great. However it could be that the bed wasn’t trammed (leveled) as good as it could be. This could be why it was failing when you were doing it flat vs standing.

@ JohnSmith Part of the fun with these kinds of things is finding out about stuff like this :wink: (Especially when we are not paying for it :slight_smile: ). We are in an air-conditioned office and I’m wondering if the door could have been opened and temperature change could have caused something to go wrong.

@ Mr. John Smith - Bed levelling should be automatic on the Robox.

EDIT:- Do my eyes deceive me or is that an USB port inside the build chamber. For a USB camera I expect.

@ hagster That must be an optional extra that we don’t have. Ours is a plastic disc at that point. The other side is the spool of filament.