OEM Box Question


I’m planning to develop a RFID terminal with touch display, which communicates with a webservice over SSL. As I want it to look professional, I thought that the FEZ Cobra OEM Box (3.5" Display) would be a good choice - although the cobra is probably more powerful than what I need.

Therefore I wanted to ask whether a RFID reader like the ID-20 would fit in the box behind the display. It should be somehow centered, so that it’s clear for the user where to hold the tag.
I have no experience with RFID yet, so I don’t know if this would work?

Is this a good approach, or do you have other suggestions for an enclosure, it can also be with a different FEZ board?


RFIDs have antennas and they shouldn’t be blocked to functions correctly.

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Thanks for the reply!

Ok, good to know. So there is no good way to place a reader in the box. Then I will try to find and customize an enclosure which fits my needs. It won’t be easy, I fear.

Hi Tumys. Check out this project:


See in the video how close the RFID tag needs to be in order to read and write the tag. I don’t think it would work if you put it into the Cobra enclosure. I know there are more powerfull readers but there are also law regulations that say how far can the reader work.

Ok, thanks for the help!
I’ll see what I can find :slight_smile:

Ive got an ID-12 RFID reader project running with my Panda II. I get good solid reads at about 4-5 cm from the reader. If its mounted against the inside of a case (as long as its plastic) you should be ok. Behind the screen wont work though.