OBDII Issue?

This issue may have been fixed in the beta released last week, which was withdrawn, but I want to raise the issue before the beta is released again. I am using the prior beta release.

I built a Spider Gadgeteer project by dragging the OBDII module to the designer and then connecting it via the right click context menu function. I get a compile error message saying that the OBDII constructor does not take one parameter. The intellisense says it requires two.

I tried with both 4.1 and 4.2 projects.

The source code I have shows one parameter in the constructor, the socket number, but I don’t think it matches what is in the beta I am using.

The OBDII module will only be supported in 4.2. There was a mistake in the previous 4.1 driver, which will be removed completely, but the 4.2 driver should only have one parameter.

Thanks Steven:

I just rechecked, and the 4.2 project is compiling correctly.