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OBD2...connecting FEZ to your car!


Has anyone tried to use OBD2 connector on their car?

I was thinking it would be an awesome project to connect FEZ to your car and then display read some info, like speed, pressure…etc. and log these on an SD card.

It is really easy, you will not need to know much about OBD since you can use elm327 chipset which has everything built in

Even easier, use this

Also, there are many devices that claim to have ELM327 inside so you can simply just use it with FEZ. See this

So, anyone is willing to take on this challenge or at least give us some info if you have used ELM327 chip/module/device?


I’ve heard (on the interweb so of course it’s true :wink: ) that the ELM327 is a Atmel CPU with a custom firmware loaded, and therefore if you can figure out the protocol you are probably home and hosed.

No experience with a OBD2 link from Fez :slight_smile:


It is a PIC not AVR I think but anyway using a ready chip is easier than tring to figure out all the protocols. There are a few not just one


Hello i wanted to popin here,

Not that i’m interested in the at all, but i have seen many projects in the elektor ( about this topic, this last year or so.
When i’m not mistaken some of the articles are also explaning how that protocol works.

Maybe this helps you going.



My dad has a OBD2 set for different cars. Might be an idea to start developing with this.
We will have to work together though. Can’t do this on my own. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: