OBD Recorder for .Net Micro Framework with ServiceBus, AMQP (for IoT)

Just found and inspected this nice little sample on MSDN:



It does not only demonstrate the ODB related things. If you are interested in how to load SSL-Certificates into your projects and how to use them with the web-client, you can inspect the MessagingClient.cs file within in the Microsoft.ServiceBus.Micro project.

On my journey debugging SSL related errors I stumbled over the SocketException error codes and their actual meanings here:

And I asked a question about what really happens during an SSL-Seed update and the best way on how to load self-signed certificates for testing on CodePlex:


I hope this will help others as well.



Protocol overview IoT Protocols:

MQTT is also good stuff:


and much more… 8)


@ Wolfgang Feneberg

Very nice! Thanks :slight_smile:

For those interrested in an OBD way to get data out of your car, there is this ELM327 Mini for just a couple of euros having bluetooth communication with AT command in a simple serial fashion. There is a ready made apps for Andriod (Torque) that stores not only the car data on the web but more as well.

… but than again, were’s the fun in that … :snooty:

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You can have a device that exchanges information via CoAP. The device can use any CoAP library (including , but not limited to CoAPSharp).
From the device, you can directly send data to Azure by using the CoAPWorks platform.
CoAPWorks platform is at www.coapworks.com. It allows your CoAP device to send/receive data from Azure using CoAP protocol. You can then download the data sitting in Azure using a simple Web client.

Disclaimer: I work for the company that owns CoAPSharp and CoAPWorks. I hope I’m not violating any policy here.

@ AWSOMEDEVSIGNER - Great Find !!!

Examples of Azure’s bidirectional features within NETMF seem very rare. Your post is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

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@ DanW -Agree and you are welcome :slight_smile: