NZ Quake

Spare a moment’s thought for our friends down under - 7.8 quake in NZ with tsunami.



Let us know if you and your families are all okay.

Luckily for myself and family we are up the other end of the country in the winter less north and just nursing a 2 month old broken arm from fighting the local bush pygmy’s and coming off second best…

Spare a thought for @ mtylerjr who is very close to the epicenter as he and family live down the road


Good to know you, and your dear ones are without any damage, well almost …

Our thoughts are with those suffering from this catastrophy especially with @ mtylerjr and family …

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@ Justin -

First… I hope all are well and safe.

Second: What the heck is/are… the local bush pygmy’s?

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@ willgeorge - May i present the Northland nocturnal bush pygmy…

Scary init :smiley:

@ Justin - Nice.

@ Justin - Oh, you shaved and got rid of your make-up too … looking better … :whistle:

Any word from @ mtylerjr yet?