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NYC Maker Faire - GHI bringing product to sell?


Title says it all…


No but we may have some coupons :wink:


Pick me pick me pick me :smiley: :smiley:


Too far and too expensive to get coupons for me :wink:

Did someone plan to make some videos about this event and especially about GHI ?


We will try to make something for users that can’t come but the maker website usually host a lot of pictures and videos. I am not sure if we will be in one of them


Yeah, me too. MO -> NY around 1,000 miles.

Gus, at least get a video of your booth for everyone who can’t come!


Only 1000 miles?

It’s 2,692 km from here to the next city with more than 90,000 people.

For fun:
Googles directions -,+western+australia&daddr=queens,+new+york&hl=en&geocode=FThmGP4dntznBilt8V8p1boyKjFNek2jX3ZXKA%3BFQDLbQId_u-Z-ykrWQpHaUPCiTEFe1xsi9EJQQ&mra=ltm&dirflg=w&sll=8.27822,-158.95953&sspn=125.347752,264.902344&ie=UTF8&z=3

Driving directions to Queens, NY - Great Northern Hwy
26,193 km 56 days 10 hours

I don’t think i can get there in time. The trip includes kayaking across 3 oceans.


Yeah but Mark at least you live in a place with cool accents. Chicago accents drive me crazy. And Brooklyn? Holy mackerel.

Only thing worse is by where I grew up in central New Jersey – the infamous “South Jersey” accent. Ugh. Nightmares.


If you buy me a ticket, I would love to come, lol. :smiley:


Ok, i’ll give you that, we do have cool accents. Even if we are in the most isolated capital city in the world (wooo. sigh.) Can’t wait till we can move to Canada. They have cool accents too!


No they don’t. Canada is just the 51st state. :wink: