NVidia show off Digital Ira

Have a look at this. Nvidia are showing off the new titan GPU card. In this vid they explain about how hard it is to make a realistic human face simulation etc etc.
Go to about 8min 30sec and hit play - OMG its impressive 2 Tflops per sec rendering


Impressive indeed!

Well in general it looks great, but when it tries to smile, it still looks verry creepy to me.

And if the future trend of using surgeries and botox to ‘improove’ your looks continues, facial anymation standards will get lower and lower each year :wink:

The most impressive bit is when it speaks, thats when it all comes together. It is a bit creepy when it smiles, but that could just be my brain going “arrrrgh its not real dont trust it”

Yeah, they haven’t quite pulled out of the uncanny valley yet, though it’s a VERY impressive demo.

My thought, though, was that we are rapidly going to reach a point where video evidence becomes inherently untrustworthy, since it will soon be possible to simply use a computer to render any scene you can imagine, including ones that incriminate or exonerate.

Welcome to interesting times!

“Immortal” leaders (tyrants) come to mind as well.

Then they start using ‘signed’ cameras, where each image gets an signature from the camera (as some high end digital picture cameras already do it).
Then someone hacks this, then the algorithm gets improoved, …
By this we get a lot more IT jobs out there :wink:
In fact it would make sense aklready if for example newspapers, TV news shows, … would only accept pictures and videos which are prooven to be real (not edited).

Combine this with a text to speech technology that can create not just a voice but anybody’s voice. This will transform Hollywood.

Hollywood firing all actors and hiring computer nerds for future movies…I am happy I can now find a job in Hollywood :slight_smile: Gus on red carpet!

This can give great actors of the past a “second” life too!

I think it will not be you, but a computer generated hologram on the red carpet :wink:

They’re already doing this for commercials, and have been for years. Personally I find it seriously creepy. I would not, were I a talented actor, to have someone digitally resurrect me to sell who knows what.


Unfortunately no matter how good are the intentions there will be somebody who find a wrong use for things.

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This card is a beast.

I just imported 10 million plus worth of model faces into maya and it didn’t blink.

Using RLP? :wink:

RLP? real live people?..lol

@ Jason - lol

Of course not, It is not a GHI Premium device so it was probably RLP Lite. :slight_smile:

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As impressive as it is, its still creepy and that valley is going to prove to be wider and deeper then anyone thought. I find it amazing that while the skin is impressive, the ears are anything but impressive. The people who are going to benefit the most from this board are hackers, 2 Tflops per sec, I could smack a lot of stuff with that, but then again I’m a realism dude and movies and games don’t do it for me, so I’d much rather see a G400 Gadgeteer mainboard on my desk then one of these, but as a geek I certainly salute the impressive technology that goes into making something like this, its just that the field of application doesn’t motivate me (different strokes for different folks).