Number of users on the forum

3,376 users as of 05/07/2012

Will check back in a year :slight_smile:

Should be fun to see how far will this go

Is that the total number registered, or active users? Would be interesting to see both, and whether activity is ramping up of late (particularly since the release of Gadgeteer).

Oooh! A chart would be nice! :wink:

That is the number that is shown on user page. All that ever registered. I’ve noticed some users registered twice (must have forgotten their credentials). A lot of them have 0 posts though.

Those ate the ones who have logged in to forum. There are thousands more on GHI main website.

Some time ago we had a map showing all TinyCLR users. I have updated this concept based on everyone who is sharing his/her location info on their profile. The result can be found here:

If someone can host this code please do because it may be deleted in the future. If you guys want any charts just tell me what would you like to see :wink:

Oooh! Please do add Gralin’s map to the User’s page. That will be great for deciding where to vacation! :wink:

As far as charts go, I think something showing new posts per forum per month & total overall posts per month would be interesting and a good indicator of the overall health/usage of the technology. If GHI could overlay that with number of units sold per month it would be really interesting but maybe more than they want to share.

Exactly 1737 users have at least one post :slight_smile:

It also shows where should we hold FEZ community summits :wink: The european one should take place in Netherlands i think…

I’m more perplexed by the number of posts by Gus!

Remember, this number does not include the users that do not use the forum but they access tinyclr resources like downloads and codeshare without logging in. You know most of the forums out there do not allow you to access these resources without logging in. So I think this number can be easily triple if we require logging in.

I have no doubt that you have more than that. I just want to see how it progresses over time,so I made that entry.
By the way it is +3 since yesterday. 8)

I hope you’re not considering this. That is mucho annoying when sites do that.

I guess we can delete this thread now. User page has changed and doesn’t show total users anymore.

They also re-ordered it…previously was ordered by number of posts, which made a lot of sense to me. Now ordered by most recently active in the last 30 days. Seems like you could miss a lot of solid community members (or at least end up with them down below the “fold”) that way.

Would be nice to have some options to choose from in terms of sort order, though perhaps they’re working on that as we speak. :slight_smile:

You gonna lose my community members map :wink:

No need to rush on decisions. We are not done yet.

Is there a page somewhere that explains the points system? It would be nice to have something on the user page that explains what it all means. I don’t even know all the ways that points are awarded. There’s obviously more to it than +10 per post. Not everyone’s total points are a factor of 10 with their posts.

I think there have been times where Gus has awarded Points based on some of the competitions.