nRF24L01+ module?

I am no expert in nRF24L01+ but I see it used often, why? Do you have an application where you need nRF24L01+ with gadgeteer? Explain more please.


nRF24L01+ = cheapest way of adding wireless communication to a project

indeed, price, they can be found for 2-3$, and with 2 Mbit speed it’s a very nice module.

I made a wireless RFID reader with them to open my garage door. They are rock solid. Although they work in the 2.4Ghz band, I still have to see them fail. You have 125 channels available, and if you keep them above 13 you wont get interference from wifi.

It’s extremely cheap and it’s ideal for home projects.
Working with them and they are awesome.

The range of the standard ones is not very large, but if it will not be enough for this project (timeouts), then I will buy two with an external antenna :slight_smile:

@ gralin already has written the netmf code for these. Coincidentally, he and I just finished an online meeting discussing making this very module.

Does anybody else already have a module in the works? Gus/GHI?

Something like this with an IDC breakout. Or maybe go with an onboard antenna…

Nothing is done yet but it is on the list.If you guys make it (hardware/software), we will sponsor you as long as you make it open source.

Maybe we should talk about what modules we are doing so there is no double work…let me see.

@ Gus - yes, we should add who’s working on what to the wiki. This one is “low hanging fruit”.

What do you mean by sponsor exactly? We were planning on just making a breakout for the onboard antenna version like this as a prototype.

It might be just as easy to skip using an existing design and go directly to a gadgeteer form factor. I’m not savvy enough to tune an onboard antenna, so would go with an RP-SMA antenna.

sponsor = buy you modules you need to make you the boards…or even cover the cost of making the module. In return, we need gadgeteer drivers to handle point to point connection and multi-point connections, somewhat like xbee.

The only concern I have is FCC since this is RF. Anyone have experience around this subject?

If you are going delegate making of some new modules to community members I think you can sign up ransomhall and me for this one.

nRF24L01 is to XBee what ENC28J60 is to WIZNet :wink:

They’re SERIOUSLY cheap. You can get modules with trace antennas for <$2.50 from China on eBay. They’re also very full-featured compared to the (only slightly cheaper) one-way 315/434 MHz transmitter/receiver pairs.

Is there a version that can get a 2 mile range? In my brief search it looks like the max is about 100 meters.


Yes if we see interest and can manufacture is (in USA) for reasonable cost then why not :slight_smile: The more modules the more awesome gadgeteer gets!

Sparkfun sell such modules for about $20 so the nRF24L01 gadgeteer module will be in that price range. Remember that we are adding cable/socket to the cost but GHI have other ways to save.

So anyone interested, +1 if you want one!

? By modules do you mean existing nRF24L01+ modules? Does boards = gadgeteer boards?

@ Gus - look for an email from me…

+1 (obviously)

Yeah, something already available to get us started on evaluating testing this chip before we make x1000 modules and realize it is no good :slight_smile:

+1. It’s a great idea.


+2. Takes 2 to communicate. ;D


as long as it is feature comparable to xbee and cheaper of course.
I know Eric and Gralin were working on this… So they know best when it comes to these boards…

Pair them with Cerberus and possibilities are endless, well up to a 1km stretch :slight_smile: