Now we can finally discover why dolphins are always smiling

Introducing spy turtle :slight_smile:

EDIT: Hopefully this link will work in the US:

I may have posted too much. Time to go underground for a while . . . .

@ Iggmoe - the video is not available for viewing in the USA?

Probably censored by the NSA :wink:

Censored? That spy turtle was most likely an NSA sponsored device to keep track of dolphin communications. Of course, in 2 months a judge will deem it legal.

Waiting for the 1st Spy Turtle to show up in my bath tub :slight_smile:

That’s weird… I was able to watch the original video last night.

OK, the additional link added to the original posting works.

I seem to remember reading somewhere about spy seaweed. Also wire tapping plankton.