Novice Question


Got the domino board yesterday, upgraded the firmware and was able to run the debug.print example both on emulator and hardware. I was not so lucky with the next LED demo.
The C# IDE does not recognize the “OutputPort” class and “Cpu” although I added the necessary assemblies.
Anyone have an Idea what I am doing wrong…


Did you add your “using” lines?

Can you please post your code?

Check you have all the dependencies loaded. In this instance that’s Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware

When you compile, check the output window (build listener) and post the errors!


Andy & Chris Thanks!

Found the problem.
I did place the using line for Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware in my code but added by mistake the Microsoft.SPOT.Graphics assembly…

Funny that I checked this several times but failed to see it till you helped… :-[

Now I can go on with my learning curve in embedded OOP.