Notify me when a reply is posted - Forum Feature busted

It used to work, but recently it generates links without the “” in them like this:



Something is wrong with forum.

  • All my points and rank are messed up. 1030 is not 830 + 473.Should be Senior unless something changed in rank system.
  • I don’t have recent posts button anymore.
  • After login it shows empty page.
    Tried it in IE8 32 and 64bit version and Chrome.


Yup, there is something going on behind the curtain.
When I log in, it show the error and took me to the blank page too! ???

Try log out and then login again.
See if that would change!

I tried a url link and it was’t recognised also I don’t have unread posts anymore

Cheers Ian

:wink: I guess smiley as the first character of the message doesn’t work too. :wink:

Right ho! That explains it… I didn’t see the warning…

Cheers Ian

Like the new background anyway


LOL man. I just mocked it up and uploaded it to this thread for fun. There is no official warning like that here. May be there should be one though (less people will complain about broken features, including me :smiley: )


Oh no !!! my side has just split

You should be a FEZ monkey

Cheers Ian

The items I have mentioned are still broken.

No comments from FEZ? :wall:

Sorry, missed that thread.

Please refer to this topic from this point on…