Nostalgia and Feeling Old

Hi All,

Anybody have this, the Nintendo Gameboy? Can you belive it has been 25 years? I did not realize it came out in 1989. I was only 12 years old when it came out. Where does the time go? :cry:

I have one in transparent case

on the radio this morning they were doing a bit, “you know you are old if you remember…”, it made me realize that I am getting old ???

@ Gary - What were some of the topics?

@ Aron - Back To The Future came out in 1985 and went back 30 years, if that movie were to be redone today, it would take you back to 1984, people entering high school today were born in 2001, whether or not the movie Goonies was a classic.

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um, no comment. Apple II and C64 were computers du jour when I was in high school

I just love the fact that Gary and Aron are having a conversation on their own forum when they are probably a few desks apart. It’s a bit like people who text each other in 2 different rooms :slight_smile:

Anyway, you lot are younger than me so thanks for the nostalgia and making me feel even “older”. :smiley:

PS… I still love old technology and one of my favourites is Nixie Tubes. I have 2 clocks that I built (and still not finished yet) based on them. 1 has real late 60’s Mullard Nixie’s and the other uses 90’s Russian tubes.The attached image shows the clock and I added modern RGB LED’s on the back that change colour (that’s the bit that’s delaying the project) depending on the time of day etc. I have all the enclosure done and just need to get the code finished.

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the first computer I used was an IBM 1620. An early desk computer.

May I recommend trying out the stama framework, there is already a clock machine, you might to add some extras, but it looks like its right up your alley, and I need some stama-fellows.

“you know you are old if you remember…”,

Had and enjoyed my “toys”
Commodore Amiga 1000 and 2000

MITS Altair 8800 (1975)
I even added a paper tape reader and punch from a old teletype ASR33 (and a whole bunch of TTL chips to interface it) to program it!

I forgot to add…

First saw my wife. She was operating a IBM 1401 (Bell Telephone - Used for billing customers)

My first computer was the good ole TI994A with a tape deck, in fact I used it to cheat at the 7th grade science fair, I still think I have that ribbon lying around some where.

LOL…I didnt actually think about it until you said something and we are technically speaking 1 desk apart! :whistle: