NoSQL using LiteDB example

I had posted a previous example using SQLlite. Often applications need a way to store unstructured or semi-structured data. Using a NoSQL database could be a solution.

Here is an example using LiteDB, LiteDB offers several features that makes it useful for an embedded device.

Requires the LiteDB NuGet

using LiteDB;

var dataFile = "SensorData.db";

// Open database (or create if doesn't exist)
using (var db = new LiteDatabase(dataFile))
    // Get a collection (or create, if doesn't exist)
    var col = db.GetCollection<Sensor>("sensors");

    // Create a new sensor instance
    var sensor = new Sensor
        Name = "MEMS12",
        ConfigValues = new string[] { "0x00", "0xAA" },
        IsActive = true

    // Insert new sensor document (Id will be auto-incremented)

    // Update a document inside a collection
    sensor.Name = "MEMS13";


    // Index document using document Name property
    col.EnsureIndex(x => x.Name);

    // Use LINQ to query documents (filter, sort, transform)
    var results = col.Query()
        .Where(x => x.Name.StartsWith("M"))
        .OrderBy(x => x.Name)
        .Select(x => new { x.Name, NameUpper = x.Name.ToUpper() })

    foreach(var memsSensor in results)
    // Create an index on the ConfigValues property
    col.EnsureIndex(x => x.ConfigValues);

    // Query by config value
    var r = col.FindOne(x => x.ConfigValues.Contains("0xAA"));


//delete the data file when done
FileInfo dbFile = new FileInfo(dataFile);
    if (dbFile.Exists)
catch(Exception ex)
    Console.WriteLine("Unable to delete the data file"+ex.Message);

//Define Sensor class
public class Sensor
    public int Id { get; set; }
    public required string Name { get; set; }
    public required string[] ConfigValues { get; set; }
    public bool IsActive { get; set; }

Adapted from the LiteDB documentation

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Thanks, I think we need add these to our docs

Document about SQL · Issue #754 · ghi-electronics/Documentation (

Why not just store it in an XML file?

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