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Northumbria .NET Gadgeteer Workshop


More Gadgeteering at schools.

[quote]Another two day .NET Gadgeteer workshop took place on the 12th and 13th February, this time at Northumbria University. Attendees included a diverse mix of 3rd year students from 3D, Design for Industry (DFI) and Media Design courses. This was hosted principally by Tim Regan, with myself and James Thomas helping out. On the fist day Tim gave an introduction and presented a series of follow along tutorials with design inspirations introducing each. The result was an entertaining mix of craft, design and technology. The tutorials included the coding and building of a digital camera, complete with a specially designed cardboard case that you fold and slot the Gadgeteer modules into (shown above).

On the second day students separated into groups and built experience prototypes. Again, it was impressive how much the students achieved in such a short space of time and we were able to have a show and tell at the end. The protoypes ranged from a modern game of tag that tweets and takes photos through to an automatic toilet roll holder.

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Nice. There are a lot of blue boxes in that room :wink: