Just started looking into the gadgeteer products. I have a data display project I am working on and need .NET development products.

I need to know what mainboard and modules I might need?

  • VGA or HDMI output
  • ethernet and /or WiFi

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At the present time a HDMI module is not available. There is a VGA module.

If you want to drive the VGA module, you will need a mainboard with lots of memory. A Spider or Hydra would be the needed Gadgeteer mainboards.

For the Spider, you need this module for Ethernet:
For the Hydra, you need this module for Ethernet:

You will also need a power module such as or

For WiFi, both boards use

The Cobra II has a version with onboard WiFi and can drive the VGA module:

@ andre.m - That is the reason I had a double post.

@ andre.m - That is the reason I had a double post.

Looks like there is fluff in the clack valve…

Looks like there is fluff in the clack valve…

double post from 500 error…

Sure is.

Thank you for the feedback… I really appreciate it. Trying to justify the costs to the powers to be… Its hard since the $35 Rasb. Pi is so well known. We can’t run linux in our environment and other choices get complicated by other IT policies and security restrictions. An embedded single board computer is my best choice right now.

Yes, Windows Embedded 7 is very, very time consuming to setup. I have a Freescale iMX53 Single Board Computer with HDMI. Working with CE build process and applicaiton development just taks a lot of time. I was truly impressed installing the .NET Micro Framework for the Netduino in about 15 min and completed the hello world application demo in 5 min. It took over 2 days to install the Windows Embeded 7 and over a week to create a working build for the iMX53 SBC.

Will they let you run linux in a virtual machine? If you can keep the VM off your network, that should take care of 99% of IT concerns. You could use Mono on the Pi for development, but Mono’s ARM support appears to be a moving target right now (

A friend of mine is in the same situation. Needs a small computer device with HDMI output. His boss OK’ed the use of the Pi, but they are going to limit the amount of development on Pi itself and just have it boot up into a web browser that is pointed to an internal server.

Linux is a hard sell. I may just have to ask for forgiveness later. The cost --> feature with the Pi is hard to ignore. I could lock down the inbound and out bound communications to only certian ports. I just need to call a web service to grab data and display it on the screen.

Personally i think that whilst the Pi is cheap .NetMF is much more flexible.

[ul]I2C, yes
SPI, yes
CAN, no (but you could use an ELM327, which even GHI uses in the OBDII module)
GPIO, yes[/ul]

If you want more, there’s always I/O expanders (such as the one used in the IO60P16).

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They’re even accessible from C#:

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